A Desktop-style Internet Experience

BOLT has been optimized to bring a truly desktop-like Internet experience to your mobile phone.

  • Streaming Media Support

BOLT is the only J2ME browser that supports streaming video from top video-sharing sites such as YouTube, MySpace and Google.

  • Tabbed Browsing

BOLT’s tabbed browsing feature allows users to keep multiple sites open simultaneously while fluidly switching between them.

  • Direct Facebook and Twitter Integration

BOLT enables posting directly to Facebook or Twitter during a browsing session without navigating away from the currently-opened page or launching an application.

  • Widgets

BOLT’s widget platform offers users a faster, streamlined way to view, update and interact with popular websites and online tools and to discover new services.

  • Rendering Quality

BOLT provides the most accurate page rendering of any J2ME browser – in fact, BOLT scores a perfect 100% on the Acid3 web standards test. Additionally, BOLT offers the most faithful support of complex web applications (e.g., Facebook games, forms, online banking, etc.). BOLT also features a Bitstream mobile font set that has been optimized to display crisp text on small screens.

  • Copy/Paste

Copy and Paste text from Web pages into forms or Webmail.

  • AutoComplete Support for URL Entry

BOLT’s SmartBar auto-completes URL entries using information from previous browsing sessions (history) and saved favorites.

  • Pop-up Blocking

BOLT displays a pop-up indicator in the Title bar if the browser detects a pop-up window. Users can choose to open or close the pop-up window with one click.

  • Click to Call

BOLT enables dialing phone numbers displayed on web pages directly from the browser, via a single click.

  • Upload and Download Content from the BOLT Browser

BOLT seamlessly enables users to download web content directly to their device’s OS, or to upload photos or videos directly from BOLT to media-sharing sites.

  • Save Pages and Images

BOLT enables saving web pages or images directly from the browser to a device’s local memory.

  • Password Manager

BOLT securely stores passwords, making logging into password-protected sites a snap.

  • Data Transfer Options

BOLT offers three image quality modes and significantly reduces data transfer sizes in low image quality mode.

  • RSS Feeds

“Feeds” is one of the main tabs in the BOLT homepage. As users surf the web, BOLT automatically looks for the feeds on each site they visit. If feeds are available, a feeds icon is shown in the Title bar, enabling users to subscribe via a single click. BOLT supports XML web feeds in RSS, ATOM and RDF format.