BOLT User Experience

BOLT is the only major WebKit based cloud computing mobile browser. It is compatible with virtually any handset with J2ME or BREW/BMP support. In non-geek speak, this means “it works on lots of phones, even basic ones.” At last count, BOLT runs well on 75% of the world’s 4 billion+ mobile phones.

BOLT’s WebKit architecture offers the most accurate page rendering of any J2ME mobile browser coupled with best-of-breed page load speeds.

BOLT compresses over-the-air data by as much as a factor of 24:1, a ratio that is more than two times better than the next-best competitor. This compression technology speeds up page load times and decreases data cost.


  • Magnification

BOLT features a magnification technology that smoothly scales both text and images. BOLT supports 6 magnification levels: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, and 3XLarge.

  • Keypad Shortcuts

BOLT includes a host of keypad shortcuts, enabling users to zoom in or out of webpages or to quickly carry out common functions such as “enter url.”

  • Split-Screen Mode

BOLT’S patented split-screen mode features a rectangular magnifier floating over a zoomed out minimap of the entire web page on the top 2/3 of the screen and a real-time magnified view of the content under the magnifier on the bottom 1/3 of the screen. The magnifier floating over the minimap enables users to quickly find information and navigate websites with ease.

  • Mouse-Like Pointer Navigation

BOLT features navigation with a pointer similar to navigation with a mouse on a PC. The pointer changes to an active pointer (hand-icon) when it moves over a clickable item.

  • Portrait and Landscape Viewing

BOLT supports both portrait and landscape screen display modes, without reloading the web page, on devices that support this feature. All browser features are available in either display mode. This feature is particularly useful on accelerometer powered devices such as the BlackBerry Storm.

  • Localization

BOLT’s consumer-facing version has been localized in English, Russian and Spanish, enabling more users to enjoy BOLT in their native language. It can be easily localized in more languages upon request.

  • Desktop and Mobile Viewing

BOLT supports both desktop (PC-style) browsing as well as mobile/WAP browsing modes. In BOLT’s default desktop mode, full pages are rendered on the server exactly as they are on a PC, and are compressed before being sent to a user’s mobile phone. BOLT’s proprietary dynamic content adaptation automatically reflows text columns to the width of any screen.

  • Homepage

The BOLT homepage organizes favorites, history and feeds into 3 convenient tabs.

  • Fonts

Proprietary Bitstream mobile fonts and font rendering technologies improve readability, speed content delivery, and enable BOLT to fit more information into smaller screens.